First Reconciliation

If you are the parent of a second-grade student this will be a big year for your family.  Your student will be celebrating two sacraments.  The first being the Sacrament of Reconciliation or Penance and the second First Holy Eucharist or First Communion.  Second-grade catechists spend the entire school year preparing for these celebrations.  In order to help students to understand their importance: 

  • Additional teaching materials are purchased for each child to guide them through the process. 
  • Practice days are scheduled for families to help keep everyone informed and prepared. 
  • And a second-grade retreat is planned to put the finishing touches on the celebration

First Penance

A Divine Remedy:  Family members learn together to seek and give forgiveness and to keep from hurting each other.  Jesus also helps his brothers and sisters learn to live together peacefully through word and example, and through the outpouring of grace, we receive through all of the sacraments.  Penance is a divine remedy for sinfulness.

The Second-grade students celebrate their Sacrament of First Reconciliation at a dedicated Penance Service.  Parents and other family members are encouraged to celebrate the sacrament with their child because the strongest teacher is a Good Example!

Communications regarding dates, times, and places of these events are communicated through the website, Flocknote, and messages sent home with the children.  Please take the time to sign up for Flocknotes or download the parish app to your phone so you will always be informed.​  Please see the Religious Education page on our Parish Website to learn more. 

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