The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A)


R.C.I.A is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.  This is the primary means by which an Adult can come into communion with the Church.  The process at our Parish usually begins in the fall and culminates with the Easter Vigil.  We typically have a few inquiry nights where people can come, with no commitment, to ask questions and decide if they want to go through this process.  It is primarily a period of discernment where the person will study the faith and further develop an understanding of what it means to be a Disciple of Christ.  Each person will have to have a sponsor, someone to journey with them at each class.  That sponsor needs to be a practicing Catholic who is willing to learn, and willing to discuss with you the questions that might arise during this process.   If you have trouble finding a sponsor, please feel free to speak to our team and we will try to find someone to step up to join you on this journey.  


If you have more questions or wish to speak to someone about becoming a member of the Catholic Church, being confirmed, or want to be a part of our RCIA team please contact Brian Mullins -  [email protected] /  (815) 508-3121  or Father Francis  815-784-2355

Our current team is as follows: 

Father Francis Wawryszuk

Deacon Bill Stankevitz

Brian Mullins

Carole Romano, D.R.E. 

Mike Ebert


Here is an example schedule for what the year might look like.  It will be updated each year, and we are working on a schedule for Fall 2019 which will be released soon! 

The current schedule and a list of Holy Days can be found here: ScheduleHoly Days

Date Topic Description Teacher
10-2-2019 Inquiry Night During this session we will talk about the RCIA Process and the rituals that are involved in this process. Whole Team
10-9-2019 Inquiry Night During this session we will talk about the RCIA Process and the rituals that are involved in this process. Whole Team
10/16/2019 Introduction During this session we will do the following:
- introduce one another
- discuss the year
- Talk about the format of the classes
- Basic intro into how to find things in Sacred Scripture
Brian Mullins
10-23-2019 Tour of the Church We will meet for this class in the Sanctuary where Father Francis/Deacon Bill will explain all the features, what they mean, and some of the actions we perform during Mass. Deacon Bill
10-30-2019 The Mass This night we will continue the explanation of the Mass, it's significance, and why we do what we do. Father Francis
11-6-2019 Prayer Prayer is an integral part of our faith. This class will examine other forms of prayer outside of the Mass and encourage each participant to choose one and a time to pray to grow in relationship with God. Brian Mullins
11-13-2019 Faith/Belief Faith is a divine gift that spiritually links us as individuals with God and our faith community. Like all gifts, our faith must be cared for and nurtured, because it grows as we grow, enabling us to have a deeper relationship with God throughout our lives. People often say that belief and faith are the same. Faith is God's gift to us, belief is our gift to God. We do not choose the gift God gives, but we do choose how we use it in our daily lives. Belief enables us to say there is a God, even though we do not always understand what our faith tells us is true Brian Mullins
11-20-2019 The Creed A look at the Nicene and Apostle's creed. Explanation of their historicity and what it means to us in our faith life. Deacon Bill
11-29-2017 Thanksgiving Break ---------------------------------NO CLASS-------------------------------------------  
12-4-2019 Mary/Our Lady of Guadalupe Our theology of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an integral, and essential element of our faith. We will come to know better why we pray to Mary, and what devotion to her means to us. Also covered in this class, Mathew and Luke are the only Gospel writers who have stories of Jesus birth. We will explore these stories and their meaning in our lives today. Carol Romano
12-11-2019 Jesus/Incarnation The Incarnation is the fact that the Son of God assumed human nature and became man in order to accomplish our salvation in the same human nature. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the second person in the Trinity, is both true God and true man, not part God and part man. Deacon Bill
12/18/2019 Communion of Saints In this class, we will examine what it means to be a part of the Communion of Saints as spoken of in our creed. Carol Romano
12/25/2019 Christmas Break ---------------------------------NO CLASS-------------------------------------------  
1-1-2020 Happy New Years! ---------------------------------NO CLASS-------------------------------------------  
1-8-2020 The Liturgical Year With the Advent season, we begin a new liturgical year. In this class, we will explain how the liturgical year works. Brian Mullins
1-15-2020 The Trinity We place the balance of our faith lives upon the mystery of our Triune Godhead. As a monotheistic religion, we believe in One God. However, the one God we believe in has three separate and distinct persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Team
1-22-2020 New Testament God's salvation came to life in the incarnation, the birth of Jesus Christ who gave his life as the new covenant between God and all who believe in his Son. Brian Mullins
1-29-2020 Old Testament The Sacred Scriptures tell the story of how God brings salvation to his people. The Old Testament contains the Torah and other books that explain the Covenant relationship between God and the Jewish people in the time before the incarnation of Jesus Christ Brian Mullins
2/5/2020 The Sacraments The class will be a general overview of the seven sacraments of the Church Brian Mullins
2/12/2020 The Eucharist Holy Communion is the central sacrament of our faith. It feeds our faith, it nourishes our souls. The Eucharist is "the Source and Summit of all Christian life." In this class, we will discuss the signs and symbols of this Sacrament, the importance of the elements of the Eucharist, how we participate in it, and what it means to live as members of the Mystical Body of Christ. Father Francis
2/19/2020 Baptism Baptism is the first Sacrament of Initiation into the Church. In this class we will talk about the main purposes of Baptism, it's signs and symbols, and it's a necessity in our lives. Deacon Bill
2/26/2020 Ash Wednesday Mass ---------------------------------NO CLASS-------------------------------------------
But Please attend the Ash Wednesday Mass!
3/4/2020 Confirmation Confirmation completes the Sacraments of Initiation. When we get confirmed, we take ownership of our faith in a personal and spiritual way. We open ourselves to the graces of the Holy Spirit; gifts that enable us to live our Catholic faith with authentic commitment and joyful hearts. Brian Mullins
3/11/2020 Introduction to Lent Next Wednesday begins a new liturgical season. People who have been Catholic their whole lives understand what it means in their spiritual journey, but few know about the final preparations for catechumens and candidates for full reception into the Catholic Church. During this class, we will come to a fuller understanding of what the season of Lent is all about. Brian Mullins
3-18-2020 Holy Matrimony The Sacraments of Vocation, Holy Matrimony and Holy Orders, each talk about our response to God's call to love. In Holy Matrimony the "two become one flesh." How does this happen? Why is it supposed to be this way? In this class, we talk about the signs and symbols of Holy Matrimony and how a husband and wife can live together as one flesh. Brian Mullins
3-25-2020 Holy Orders As in Holy Matrimony, a candidate for Holy Orders decides to love for a lifetime. In this class, we will talk about the signs and symbols of Holy Orders and how they enable deacons, priests and bishops to live Christ-like lives as they work to spread the gospel and build up the Church. Deacon Bill
4-1-2020 Reconciliation The Sacraments of Healing: Sin causes great suffering and pain in our lives and it's God's mercy that brings healing and peace to our souls. During this class, we will talk about the ritual of Confession, the roles of the Priest and Penitent, and the beautiful gift of encouragement and healing we receive through absolution. (Reminder: Candidates for reception into the Church need to make a first confession before Holy Week). Father Francis
4-8-2020 Holy Week/Masses ---------------------------------NO CLASS-------------------------------------------
Please attend any/all of the Masses for the Week of Easter. Each of them is unique and beautiful.
4/12/2020 Easter Sunday! ---------------------------------NO CLASS-------------------------------------------
The Most important Christian Feast day! The Church celebrates the great mystery of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ today. We have journeyed with Jesus in the Triduum through his passion, death, burial, and resurrection. It is in this journey that we come to understand more fully the mystery of our holiness and what it means to be disciples of Christ.
    Period of Mystagogia  
4/15/2020 Anointing of the Sick The Anointing of the Sick (another sacrament of healing) offers the race of healing for those who are suffering and in pain. It also offers the grace of peace for those who are dying, thereby enabling them to be more prepared to enter into eternal life. Brian Mullins
4-22-2020 Triduum (Intro to Holy Week) An overview of what is coming for Holy Week.
- Holy Thursday - Mass of the Lord's Supper
- Good Friday Mass
- Easter Vigil Mass
- Easter Sunday Mass
Whole Team
4/29/2020 Reflection of Holy Week &
Catholic Morality
As Catholics we are called to be "A people set apart." This gives us a challenging standard of living we must follow without regret or retreat. Our foundation for this class will be the Ten Commandments as well as the Sermon on the Mount. Carol Romano
5/6/2020 Life After Death Human life does not end with death. We believe that there is life beyond the limitations of the physical realm. We also believe that this life includes the resurrection of the dead. This is a great mystery we struggle to understand. Brian Mullins
5/13/2020 Sacramentals In this class we learn about Catholic sacramentals. They are sacred signs that resemble the sacraments and include actions such as the Sign of the Cross, fasting, genuflections, and objects such as rosaries, statues, and holy water. Deacon Bill
5/20/2020 Social Justice Because of our beliefs, we have to take stands on important issues that are oftentimes contrary to what our culture embraces. In this class, we will talk about some of the important social justice teachings of the Catholic Church, how they are founded in the Gospels, and how they are integrated into our everyday lives. Brian Mullins
5/27/2020 Lay Ministry in the Church There are many ways to get involved in the life of the parish. In this class, we will talk about ministry opportunities at St. Catherine's. We will have guest speakers talk about their experiences fulfilling ministerial roles. Carol Romano